Greenwood Elementary

Greenwood School Improvement Plan

Each year, in conjunction with the District 200 Executive Team, the Greenwood Teachers write and follow a School Improvement Plan.  The School Improvement Plan is directly connected to the District 200 Strategic Plan.  This year’s plan has five specific goals for the students, teachers and families of Greenwood Elementary School. 

The teachers are working on several strategies this year to help students in reading.  These strategies will be modeled and taught in the classroom.   The students will also be learning about good fit books and participating in brain breaks during literacy time. The next goal is to improve the number of students making growth targets in math.  We will also be using new strategies in math this year.  Many of the strategies include hands on experiences for the students and closely following the curriculum set by the Illinois State Board of Education.

Brain breaks and physical activity will be used during math and reading  instruction to increase engagement.  We will also be working with groups of students in our building to close the gap between their growth and the growth of students who are meeting state standards.  One of the strategies we will be using is to put these students in literature circle groups with a teacher and expose them to good books and close reading strategies.  

The fourth goal will focus on behavior at Greenwood Elementary School.  We will identif