Greenwood Elementary

Technology comes to Greenwood

Next school year, the students at Greenwood School will each be issued a one-to-one device.  Your child will be able to use this device both at home and at school.

 It is likely going to be a Chromebook Computer.  A Chromebook is very similar to a laptop computer.  It does many of the same functions as a laptop including going online.  The Chromebook will come with apps similar to an iPad or iPhone.  The apps will help students to navigate quickly into curricular resources and online academic practice.  The chromebook is lightweight and easy to use.  Each student will also be issued a case to go along with the Chromebook.  The case will be used to carry the Chromebook to and from school.  Each child will be taught how to use the Chromebook and how to take care of it.  Along with this device the students will be starting a new digital literacy curriculum.  The curriculum is name